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 Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will have to update and cancel our trips,

if you want more information just mail us through the contact page



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Voyage Code:   MS200628

Voyage begins:      28st  of June 2020 17:00, Calais, France.

Voyage ends:         1th of July 2020 10:00, Fécamp, France.

Voyage type:   Cruising. Sailing up with a fleet of traditional sailing vessels. That will end up in a spontaneous race.

Price pp in a hammock                 € 330,00

Price pp in a 4 person cabin        € 390,00

Price pp in a 2 person cabin        € 450,00

Calais Fecamp.png










Contact us for any questions.

Phone: +31 6 53 46 44 69